The European Jackson Event crew has been working together since 2001. In the last 18 years, we’ve been happy to provide you with awesome events, spectacular shows & fantastic extra’s.

Want to know who is behind the events? Perhaps you’d like to contact one of our members indivisually with a specific question? Feel free to do so using the information below:


Head organisor, sound, lights & performances

Thijs is responsible for giving you the best show possible. As head of all things technical and performance-related, he can answer all questions regarding these matters.


Organisor, PR & Ticket sales

Marisa knows best when it comes to ticket sales & public relations. All questions regarding these things can be forwarded to her.


Design, graphics & social media

Linda is the webmaster of this site. She’s ready to answer all your internet-related questions. Do you have a comment or question about the site or Facebook page? Let her know!


Video & PR

Fabian is a professional filmmaker who provides us with the best video’s imaginable. Be sure to check out his teasers and of course the after movie for each event!


Artist support & presentor

Natascha has been with us since the beginning and has always provided the best artist support. She’s also one of our key presentors who sure knows how to throw a party!