The European Jackson Event has grown from a small party for a select group of people to a true phenomenon. EJE once started in a small school auditorium in Eindhoven.

The perfect combination of magic performances, great dance music and the chance to buy rare pieces of merchandise kept on pulling in more and more people over the years. The crowd got very diverse; young people, older people, real fans and ‘just admirers’… all as diverse as today’s society.

Each event passing, the waiting lines of people eager to enter this phenomenon got longer and longer. Several of our events were such a success, that the demand for tickets was greater than the actual available number. For this reason, EJE kept on growing into bigger, better and more awesome venues.

We outgrew the auditorium… moved to Dynamo… organized events at the MJ statue in Best.. dance parties in Odeon.. and have now settled in multi-room venue ‘de Kei’ in Reusel. This location gives us the possibility to provide you with an even bigger and better show than the ones in our previous events!

If we do a quick recap of European Jackson Events over the years, we can proudly say that, in the past, we were able to offer you:

  • Performances by the best international Michael Jackson impersonators
  • Chances to win exclusive items signed by Michael himself
  • Appearances by members of the Jackson family
  • Exclusive video messages to EJE by Michael Jackson
  • The very top in international DJ-s playing nothing but Jackson hits

The force behind EJE is a small crew that has been together for over 18 years. We are all Michael Jackson fans to the core and through EJE we are looking to spread Michael’s love to the world.

Also, EJE is and has always been a non-profit organization. All profit made from events is donated to the Ronald McDonals children’s foundation.