European Jackson Event 2019

Dear MJ Family,

It is with a heavy heart that we have this announcement to make. Sadly, the European Jackson Event of August 24 is cancelled. Due to disappointing ticket sales and a lack of sponsors, we were faced with an incredible task in providing you with a good show. Adding to that, the severe unwillingness to cooperate by several people and organisations, has left us with no other option than to cancel the event.

After 18 years of organising Jackson Events, the curtain falls for the EJE. We like to thank everyone who believed in us and who joined us in the past. Without your presence, the European Jackson Events wouldn’t have been the same.

The reason we have decided to cancel the event so far in advance (as opposed to just a few weeks before August 24) is because we thought it only fair to give notice to our visitors from overseas early on. This way, they still have time and opportunity to cancel their travel plans and won’t be faced with high costs.

Everyone who has already bought a ticket to the event will be reimbursed in the next 5 days. Of course, your payment (ticket price + fees) will be 100% refunded to you.

Thank you again and best wishes,
The EJE team